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This spring let's make a difference together! We invite you to join our Spring Closet Clean Out Challenge this September and make it a season for kindness. 

It's simple, clean out your closet, spring into the new season a new you and make a difference by listing your items for sale during the month of September on Dress for Dignity.

You can opt to donate 100% or keep up to 80% of the sale for yourself and receive a tax-deductible receipt for the amount donated to Share the Dignity.  

Dress for Dignity is an initiative of Share the Dignity and all funds raised through the fashion marketplace go towards helping continue the mission of Share the Dignity an Australian charity making a difference to the lives of women and girls.  


By listing an item this September you’ll also unlock fabulous discounts from our fashion friends. Clean out your closet and give your pre-loved wears an opportunity to be loved by someone else again and use these discounts to restock your wardrobe for Spring!


Discounts available:

·         15% off Orange Sherbet

·         20% off Love Style Co

·         20% off Adorne

·         20% off Zjoosh

·         15% off Dress for Dignity

Join the challenge now by listing a pre-loved fashion wear on Dress for Dignity.

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