Queen Elizabeth; A Fashionable Reign

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Queen Elizabeth II gave us some truly memorable fashion moments during her 70 year reign.

Becoming Queen in 1952 Her Majesty saw many changes across the world; different governments, new technologies and of course - countless fashion trends. From A-line dresses and flared jeans, to leather jackets and crop tops, the Queen saw it all.

Queen Elizabeth was a monarch who put her best foot forward, always looking stylish and sophisticated. She inspired British and global fashion for decades and will live on as a style icon. 

One of our favourite trends that she was best known for are her colourful suits - one for every colour of the rainbow. Her personal style was always classy and tasteful, with many elegant dresses and beautiful gowns worn across her reign. And of course, a special mention must be made for the dazzling crowns and jewels - although we don't think wearing a tiara to brunch will be a common trend any time soon.

Not only did Queen Elizabeth look good, she knew that kindness was always in season. She was a fan of pre-loved clothing and when she no longer wore an outfit, would often give it to her dressers to be rehomed and re-loved. Now that's a trend and legacy Dress for Dignity hopes to continue.