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It’s less than a month until what I think is one of the most important dates in the calendar, International Friendship Day which falls annually on July 30. This day promotes the role that friendships play in our lives and the people we become, they say friendships help children learn more about themselves and develop their own identity. 


I can definitely say my friendships helped mould me into who I am todayThe fab five as we call ourselves have been friends for over 40 yearsThese are relationships I treasure they are the longest loves of my lifeI don’t think a week has gone by over the past 40 years where we haven’t been in touch, whether that’s a 2-minute phone call or a 2-hour coffee catch up, the bond we all have has never been broken; it is solid.   

We have been through first periods, boyfriends, marriages, babies, divorces, and now grandbabies and menopauseAlthough all innately different we have always respected and loved each other for who we are and all the bumps along the way of finding that. 


When at times I wasn’t easy to love these women loved me and for that I will be eternally grateful. That’s friendship! 


Every year since schoolies we go away together just us, we have what we call our “Fishing Club” account where $10 goes in every week something we never miss but it allows us all to go away together each year without money being a worryFor the last 10 years we have saved it all to go away on our first international trip together, if we can all agree where that place will be?? New York, Greece, or Bali, I don’t care as long as we are together. 


I couldn’t be more grateful for these friendships in my life. I always say along with my children they are my biggest achievement. 


With less than one month until International Day of Friendship, I would encourage you today to reach out to your besties and organise a get togetherEven better get together at home, bring a pre-loved fashion item or two, have fun and support Share the Dignity by hosting a Dress for Dignity, Glam for Good party.  


The parties are simple, ask everyone to pick an item or two from their closet that they are willing to let go. Get together, glam up and feel good, and use the party as an opportunity to laugh, list your items, and give love and kindness to yourself and those you will be supporting.  


At your get-together you will have some fun, take some photos wearing or holding the outfits you are all ready to let go, to be used when listing the items on our Dress for Dignity website. The proceeds from Dress for Dignity go directly back to Share the Dignity. This International Friendship Day on Sunday the 30th of July creates the perfect weekend to host your Glam for Good party. 


Love, Rochelle x


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